Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's all worth it

I realized that it has been a long time since I have written. Things are going great. JUDE HAS A TOOTH! It's little head is poking through. Pretty adorable. We were hanging out and he was just staring at me so lovingly and I was staring back into those big blue eyes, with long lashes, and he pulls my finger into his mouth and rubs it on his tooth. I doubt this was on purpose, but it seems like he wanted me to know. I was so excited I had to jump up and dance around. Then run and tell everyone and have them feel it. It's incredible since he is only 5 months old, and this usually happens around 7 months. He really is super baby. He is also in the beginning stages of crawling, I am sure he will be by Christmas time, maybe earlier. He pushes himself up with his hands and then gets on his knees, only for a few seconds, and then he (gracefully) falls forward. He was doing it really well today. I thought he was going to get it. 
Jude has also been in an exceptional good mood this past week. He is cuddly, laughing more than usual, and when he looks at me it seems like he is cherishing the time we spend together. He also loves the letter Z. When you says words like zoom, and zip he cracks up. Like loose control of yourself cracks up. Which makes me laugh and then he laughs more. He is also ticklish and loves to be tickled, on his back, and his belly. 
I bought the Magic Bullet today and made Jude some carrots. Making baby food is so easy and inexpensive (minus the Magic Bullet, but we will make our money back on it in the end), and then you know what is going into it. Like JUST carrots. We are going to wait three days with him eating some carrots and then move onto beets and then apples. He has already had rice cereal of course, banana, and we have also given him sweet potato melty cereal things. He has done really well with all of this. It's all so much fun. 
Anyway, I am done bragging about my little goomba guy. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Working  everyday is really starting to be hard. I am exhausted and my son is so clingy cause he misses me. When I get home from work and he sees me, he is SOOO happy. But if I walk away he starts to cry. And if someone is holding him and I am near, he leans over with his arms out for me to take him. It's really cute and I don't mind when I can hold him, but when he does it when I am leaving for work, it is hard on me. 
Last night I had an extra bottle and I needed to use it before it expired, so I fed him with it. He had his little hands on the bottle while I was holding it for him, so I let go. And he just sat there and fed himself. He even took the bottle out to give me a smile and then put it back in to keep eating. I couldn't believe it! I have it on video on my phone. 
Babies are amazing.