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Have you seen all the beautiful new products & contest for pro photographers on

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Daisy Cottontail has been running full speed all day! I now have a Facebook, Blog and Twitter!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Epiphanie makes some awesome camera bags for women and now they are having an awesome GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!
You can win either a Canon 5D Mark II or $2500 Gift Certificate to Southwest Airlines!!!!
Who can pass that up? You can enter on the Epiphanie Blog! Good Luck!!!!

{click HERE to be directed to their BLOG}

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I had mentioned awhile ago about how I was going to document a day in the life of the Moore's, well I wasn't as successful as I would have wanted to be...I just kept forgetting to take the photos. But this was just attempted #1, hopefully I do better next time.

Well to start was raining, which I love. There is something about the rain that relaxes me and makes me want to be outside in it. This has become much trickier since Jude came along, but he is showing signs of loving the rain as much as his mama and dada do.
This is how you can find Jude whenever we are all together...his perch. He really enjoys it up there. You can usually find drool and crumbs in Jesse's hair after a full day of having Jude on his shoulders. :)
These dogs freaked me out when I was trying to get into the car.
I bought some awesome fabrics at Betty's in Santa Maria...I have a photo of one of my creations later on this post.
This is the face Jude has been making when you ask him to smile and say cheese.

Ta-Da! I absolutely love this new tattoo. Hopefully all my clients do too :)
It says "cheese!" btw.
And here is the pillow I made with that awesome fabric. It's really rough, there are some definite changes that will need to be made before I can start selling them. For now it's quite adorable on our bed.

Jesse and I took this photo on our honeymoon in Lake Tahoe up at Squaw Valley. We ice skated for three hours and we were pretty much the only ones on the ice. The reason I am posting this is because Jesse and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary March 12th and I just have to say, I am very much in love with Jesse today as I was then. I am so thankful to have him as my husband.

Life is getting tricky again...please keep us in your prayers.

Monday, March 1, 2010

So I tried and failed at documenting a whole day. I started out good and then just got lazy and/or forgot. But I will post what I did get stay tuned.

On another note, Jude has been driving me crazy.