Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catch Up!

Here is a little bit of what we have been up to. It's mostly pictures of Jude. 
A few weeks ago in the midst of Jesse working ridiculous hours Jude and I came up to visit and help if we could. Jude had a good time riding around on Dada's back.

The week after that my mom came to play. Jude loves his Grandma Soo Soo, and swinging. The combination of the two is a thrill for him. He is cracking up almost the whole time. 

The day before Easter Jesse and I headed up to Atascadero to house sit for the owner of the screen printing business and owner of Mobley's Skateshop..Austin Miller. He has an amazing house, pictures are coming...
Anyway, our families came up on Easter to do the normal Easter things. This is Jude and Nana Cathe in the jacuzzi (kid approved temperature of course), the pool was about 47 degrees since it would get so cold at night. But the days were beautiful. 

Before dinner (which was eaten at the outside dinner table..awesome) Jude hunted for some eggs. As you can see Jesse and I hid them well. :) Here is Grandma Soo Soo and Jude trying to steal her wine. 
The first egg found...
and that was all...
being goofy (like usual)...

Before we left I wanted to make sure I got some pictures of the gorgeous place so I can share them with you. This is the view from the guest house (above the garage), below is the pool.
This is right next to the pool area and sneak peak at the pond. The plants growing on the fence are apple trees. This picture doesn't do them justice..they were beautiful. 
Going down from the pool area..this is the back of the main house. The table with the green umbrella is where we had Easter dinner.
The outdoors fire place. We took our family photo there and I made smores the last night. The coldest night. Oh and this house would be perfect for a wedding. The parking area is huge and has strands of light going over it, and then the ceremony would be in front of this fire place...I want to get married again. 
Some of the beautiful gardens, I am a fan of haphazard gardening. I like it to look natural. I guess I really like all gardens really. I can't wait to have one of my own. 
Veggie garden. There isn't much growing in here, just some chives, strawberries and lemons. 
This is the gate down to the pond...
The pond. With many turtles, tad poles,  birds and ducks. 

The side gate going to the front of the house, behind me is a grassy area with an oak tree...it's right next to the fireplace and another good place for a ceremony. 
The front of the house. 
The view from the front of the house. Left to right: basketball/tennis court, putting green and the trampoline (Jude's favorite thing, I think he likes it more than swinging).
View of the house from the other side. The guest house is above the garage. 
Basketball/Tennis court...
Mama Kitty. I don't know her real name, I just called her Mama Kitty cause she had kittens the Friday before we got there. She was an awesome cat, and Jude loved petting her. 
These are some of her babies...I had counted 7. The orange one is my favorite and I have no idea why the one of the right is on it's back...I promise he is ok. Their eyes started opening the day before we left. 
Anyway, that is my last couple weeks in a nutshell. It is nice to be home even though that place is so wonderful.