Thursday, May 6, 2010


This past weekend was a lot of fun, we were still busy but it was all personal, not business. Saturday Sally Loo's hosted the Carrot Mob and asked if we would bring the photo booth to help with the fundraiser...we had a lot of fun. I got sunburned, but it was fun!
To see the photos taken in the booth that day please click here!
Jude and Sally look like they are doing something they shouldn't...
Carrot back drop for the photo booth...great idea by Jenn Manuele!!!
That night we celebrated the upcoming nuptials of Luke and Emily!!!! It was a Day of the Dead themed party, which some of you might think is a little strange, but it is really fitting for Emily. Luke and Emily are getting married in July and we will be there to take the photos!!!
Sunday was a little more leisurely. Jude helped Nana Cathe in the garden and then we headed into Morro Bay for some lunch at Hofbrau and then a stop at the aquarium.


annie said...

These pics are great Shannon- duh :) We should get together again someday! Sheesh. We could match in our TOMS ;) mine are dark green. yours?

Shannon Moore said...

Yes please please please can we hang out. Jesse and I can come down there or we can meet somewhere. What days work for you guys?

My Toms are yellow, but I had to order them...I get them on Thursday. Right now I have grey ones, but they are faded and weird ;/

Sally Loo's Cafe said...

yay! i love your blog and that Sal and Jude are bffs and that we get to have fun events together.
we love you!
and Luke and Emily's party looks SO amazing!