Thursday, April 1, 2010

Truckee and trip and then some....

Jesse and I went on a trip to Truckee, Ca. last weekend to do some baby/family photos for Jerad and Saira West. We photographed Jerad and Saira's wedding back in 2008 and were so excited when we got the email that they were expecting their first born and they wanted us to photograph them again. This is what Jesse and I want from our business, getting to know people and being a part of their lives doing what we are passionate about...taking pictures!
I like to do newborn photos in the clients home. It is much more relaxed and easier on baby, mom and dad...Jesse and I were also excited to visit Truckee and see the snow. So, keep your eyes peeled for a blog coming soon at Moore Photography of baby Jack and his parents :)

Anybody that knows Jesse and I, knows that we LOOOOOVE Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe in SLO, Ca! We are also lucky enough to call Jen and Brandon Manuele (the owners) friends. So no trip would be complete without starting there.

Jesse got the waffle and Ray of Freakin' Sunshine, which you really have to try!
I ordered my FAV item, a cranberry bagel toasted with cream cheese and an iced white mocha!!! YUM!!! I was so excited about it I almost ate it all without taking it's picture ;)
The Ray of Freakin' Sunshine!
The last bite of Jesse's waffle...a sad moment....

Jesse and I really like car trips. Before we had Jude if we had nothing going on we would just get in the car and drive. Sometimes we had a destination in mind and sometimes not... we just liked being together and having conversation, listening to music and eating somewhere we have never been.

This place was so cool and hard to capture how cool it really was out the car window with your camera phone ;) It is a boat graveyard...HUGE boats I might add, they look small here. There is something so eerie about them that it draws you in. I would love to do a photo shoot out there someday.

This is a frozen lake.

The Truckee Hotel was so awesome. It is European style which means the rooms are small with a sink and you have to share a toilet and shower with the other guests. I was stoked that they leave the vacant rooms open and don't care if you just go in. This hotel is also VERY old and the floor at some points feels like it is going to fall through.

Jerad and Saira took us to their favorite breakfast place in town (although I don't remember seeing another one) ;) Small towns are funny, Jerad and Saira know just about everyone...Jerad is an Orthodontist and Saira an Oral Hygienist and they own their own offices in town.

Our stay in Truckee was much too short, we stayed only one night. So we didn't get much photos of the town and how adorable it is. But we do wish to go up there some other time and explore! If you are a parent you will understand our hurry home... we went almost 48 hours without seeing Jude and that's all we could think about at this point...but we did stop for some Jimboys! Our friends the Hughes' introduced us to Jimboys many years ago when they were living in Sacramento and Jesse and I LOOOVE it! Thank goodness for the GPS to guide is to the closest one!

To end this post here is a cool shot of some skydivers coming in for a landing.

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amy said...

I love you guys you are amazing! And can I say delicious? Jimboys! It's been so long since we have eaten there. I guess we will have to make a trip to SLO soon and stop by Jimboys in Sac on the way! Kiss your soon to be two year old for me!